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RECCURENT (2014) - song cycle for soprano and percussion

Premiere: Resound Duo at the Festival Miami Emerging Composers Concert, Miami, FL, October 27th, 2014


Duration:  ca. 9 min


Program Note and text:


I. Pursuing the Horizon (1895)


I saw a man pursuing the horizon;

Round and round they sped.

I was disturbed at this;

I accosted the man.

“It is futile,” I said,

“You can never —”

“You lie,” he cried,

And ran on.

-Stephen Crane (1871-1900)


II. Not for that City (1913)


Not for that city of the level sun,

Its golden streets and glittering gates ablaze—

The shadeless, sleepless city of white days,

White nights, or nights and days that are as one—

We weary, when all is said, all thought, all done.

We strain our eyes beyond this dusk to see

What, from the threshold of eternity

We shall step into. No, I think we shun

The splendor of that everlasting glare,

The clamor of that never-ending song.

And if for anything we greatly long,

It is for some remote and quiet stair

Which winds to silence and a space for sleep

Too sound for waking and for dreams too deep.

-Charlotte Mew (1869-1928)

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