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WOODEN ANGELS (2013) - for english horn and piano

Premiere: Society of Composers Fall Concert, Miami FL, September 2014


Duration:  ca. 14 min


Program Note:


Wooden Angels is inspired by the imagery of small model angels made of different kinds of wood. Each type of wood and angel establishes a concurrent mood, a sound world reflective of the qualities of each. Cedar is a red, stringy wood from mountainous climates, paired with the seraphim, a fiery angel surrounding God’s throne. The first movement captures the passionate, energetic associations from this colorful match. Birch is a relatively soft wood, covered in a white, flakey bark, while ophanim are loyal carriers of the throne of God—an honest pairing. The second movement is reflective and calm, but stately and formal as well. The final movement combines the dark mythology of the elm tree with the great winged cherubim in a bitonal, triple meter piece. Each movement is a miniature vignette within a traditional sonata form structure, featuring the woody subtlety and dark expressiveness of the English horn with rhythmic energy from the piano.

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