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2ND AVENUE SATURDAYS (2016) - for brass quintet and fixed media

Premiere: January 3rd, 2016, Fredericksburg Brass, Fredericksburg, VA by Derek Ganong and the Vice City Brass


Duration:  ca. 7 min


Program Note:


2nd Avenue Saturdays is inspired by the Wynwood Art Walks at Wynwood Walls in Miami, which occur on the second Saturday of every month in Miami. The event features local artists, reflecting many sides to Miami—the electronic music scene and youthful party environment as well as the local Cuban culture. As one walks through this busy scene, one catches wafts of EDM music, jazz, pop, reggaeton, and the cáscara from salsa music. “2nd Avenue Saturdays” conveys the multi-musical and ever-changing character of the streets in Wynwood, featuring the brass quintet with lush harmonies and moments of improvisation against a fixed media track featuring fragments of reggaeton riddim, salsa montuno, tech house beats, and dashes of contemporary synth.

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