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BETA DRIFT (2017) - for trumpet and fixed media

Premiere: January 3rd, 2016, Fredericksburg Brass, Fredericksburg, VA by Derek Ganong


Duration:  ca. 7 min


Program Note:


Beta Drift refers to the northwesterly direction of hurricanes; each hurricane has a projected path but may drift east or west from this predicted direction. A multi-year collaboration aimed at combining contemporary classical techniques with electronics and jazz improvisation, Beta Drift similarly drifts from a typical path; it is the child of funky electronica, complex formal structure, lush harmony, and contemporary solo virtuosity. In addition to fast-paced, energetic, interactive music, the piece features a washy, ambient middle section with plenty of room for free improvisation for the trumpeter. This composition was originally written for trumpet and brass ensemble for Dr. Derek Ganong and the Fredericksburg Brass Institute in Summer 2015 and was revised and arranged for trumpet with live processing and fixed media in fall 2017.

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