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COMMUNICATING GRATITUDE (2020) - fixed video, tenor saxophone, clarinet/bass clarinet/flute, trumpet/flugelhorn, melodica/piano, and Zoom software

Premiere: July 2020, Westben Digital Composer-Performer Residency Program (Yellow Group)


Duration:  ca. 14'30"

This is a collaborative work featuring Dustin Finer, Gabriel Genest, Ben Morris, and Michael Sarian that was premiered as part of the Westben 2020 Digital Residency Program. 


Program Notes:


Self-isolation has changed how we communicate and how we musically collaborate. The four movements in this suite take inspiration from different forms of communication: letters, telephone calls, text messages, and video conferences. We also embedded themes and actions of gratitude into our compositional process and performances.   


Like a game of “broken telephone,” each movement was started by a different performer-composer and was passed on until all members of the group made a contribution to every movement.

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