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HYPERCOASTER (2020) - for saxophone quartet

Premiere: ~Nois, CU Pendulum, Boulder CO, March 3rd, 2021


Duration:  ca. 9 min


Program Note:


A hypercoaster is a roller coaster with a drop over 200 feet. A lot of these roller coasters are products of 90’s; they’re made of intimidating red steel that roars when cars pass along the tracks. These coasters have somewhat of a dated feel to them, with creaky chain lift and tacky queue line decorations, despite the fact that they still deliver thrills.  This piece captures the energy and trajectory of one of these coaster’s tracks.

As an avid roller coaster fan, I love Allister Brimble’s score to the Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 PC game. This piece has a bit of a nod to that music woven throughout.

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