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THE FALL OF MAN AND OTHER TALES (2022) - opera in nine parts

Premiere: April 22nd-23rd, 2022 at the ATLAS B2 Blackbox, Boulder, Colorado

Creative Team:

Libretto by Laura Fuentes

Additional Lyrics by Gina Stevensen and William Glick

Direction by Ben Stasny

Music Direction by Kedrick Armstrong 

Costume Design by Sasha de Koninck 

Projection Design by Holiday McAllister and Josh Westerman




The Fall of Man and Other Tales: A Seminar Series is a multi-media opera in nine parts presented at the ATLAS B2 Blackbox in Boulder, Colorado. Featuring music by Ben Morris, a libretto by Laura Fuentes, and projections by Holiday McAllister and Josh Westerman, the work takes the listener on an immersive journey through different time periods in human history, from prehistory to the far future, exploring themes of isolation, technology, and our relationship with our environment and past.

The Fall of Man and Other Tales
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