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THE RIP VAN WINKLES (2023) - youth opera in one act

Premiere: August 7th, 2023, Alice Busch Opera Theatre at Glimmerglass Opera

Libretto by Laura Fuentes




Journey to a secluded upstate town, away from all the hustle and bustle but suspiciously short on cell reception. What will happen when a New York City transplant points out what the kids have been missing? Will the over-protective parents see the error of their ways, or will the grandparents need to step in to save the day?


Glimmerglass presented The Rip Van Winkles on the Alice Busch Opera Theater mainstage in summer 2023. This newly commissioned one-hour opera is fun for the whole family; all ages are welcome to celebrate the talents of young performers alongside professional roles. Featuring influences from jazz, musical theatre, and even disco, this accessible score is full of catchy tunes and grooves.


Soprano, mezzo, tenor, baritone, and youth chorus ages 7-18

“…the piece deftly showcased the young performers in music of appropriate difficulty for each age group. The catchiest number of the evening came from the ensemble of grandparents: Performed by the youngest children, bent over walkers, their disco-inspired theme song urged the nervous parents to remember that 'You have to live a little when you’re a kid.' The audience of enthusiastic adults and children was a testament to Glimmerglass’s efforts to be not just an artistic powerhouse, but a centerpiece of its upstate community.” — Heidi Waleson, Wall Street Journal

The Rip Van Winkles
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