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UNCONTACTED PEOPLES (2017) - for brass quintet

Premiere: Charles Faulkner Brass at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln Chamber Music Institute, June 2017


Duration:  ca. 9 min


Program Note:


I. Lacandón
II. Pintupi
III. Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau

IV. Maschco-Piro

V. Sentinalese

Throughout the world there are groups of people who have not had contact with modern civilization. These peoples keep to their own customs and avoid contact with other settlements for a variety of reasons. Uncontacted Peoples is inspired by five groups of these isolated people throughout the world. The Lacandón live on the Yucatan Peninsula and have lived there since the time of the Aztecs; the Pitupi are a group of aboriginal people in Australia; the Mascho-Piro and Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau live deep in the Amazon rainforest along the river; the Sentinalese occupy the small North Sentinal Island in the Indian Ocean and have generally been very hostile to outside interest.

Each miniature is an impressionistic, imaginary glimpse of their small societies—the miniatures don’t necessarily portray particular traits of the tribes, but instead provide small, strange snapshots into the energy of daily life in each of these places, distant from us.

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